How To Fast-Track Underwriting With AIA QuikRATE In 3 Easy Steps

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We’re thrilled to be able to share with you AIA QuikRATE! 

With QuikRATE, you’ll be able to get a workers’ compensation quote indication immediately to share with your clients and help you fast-track the underwriting process!

AIA QuikRATE features:

  1. An all-in-one customized agent dashboard to see the status of your submitted quotes in one place.
  2. The ability to rate and submit from anywhere.
  3. Quick indications that help you and your clients compare
  4. An instant rate - get a quote back immediately! 

Keep reading to learn more about how to access QuikRATE and how to use the platform. 

For every 5 submissions, you'll receive a free e-gift card!



How To Access AIA QuikRATE

There are two ways you can access AIA QuikRATE to receive a quick indication.

First, visit our website at 

You’ll find AIA QuikRATE in the main navigation, or you can view it from our Get A Quote page.

The other way you can access AIA QuikRATE is by saving a bookmark.

If you’re unsure how to save a bookmark for your favorite browser, please select a link below to find instructions for the most common browsers today: 


How To Create An Account

You’ll need to first create an account before using the portal. 

To do so, please request access.

A request received during business hours will be acknowledged and an account will be created during the same day.

If requests come in outside business hours, the account will be created the following business day. 


How To Submit For A Quote

When you sign in, you’ll see a dashboard that displays information about submissions you’re currently working on or have already submitted to AIA for review and approval. 

To rate a new submission, click the Quote tab in the top-right corner, and enter the Applicant Information.

You’ll be asked to enter basic application information, policy information, and rating elements.


Screenshot of AIA QuikRATE showing the applicant information

Then, click Continue. 

Next, verify that there are no prohibited exposures. 

Screenshot of AIA QuikRATE showing the eligibility questions

Click Continue.

Enter your Exposures. 

Click Continue.

Then, you’ll be provided with a quote indication. 

Screenshot of AIA QuikRATE showing the quote indication


Next, enter your Underwriting Information.

Screenshot of AIA QuikRATE showing the underwriting information


Finally, once the rating is complete, click Submit. 

That’s it! 

Your request has been submitted. 


What Happens After The Submission Process?

Upon submission, you’ll receive one of two replies:

  1. Your quote indication appears to be acceptable and a member of our Underwriting team will be in touch with you. 
  2. The submission will be referred to an underwriter for further review. The underwriter will then review and either approve, request additional information, or decline the submission if the risk is not acceptable. 


Regardless, you will hear back from us. 


Ready To Get Started?

Now that you know how to submit a rating, it’s time to get started! 

Head over to AIA QuikRATE today to create your account and start submitting.

Remember: You'll receive a $25 e-gift card for every 5 submissions! 

Get Started With AIA QuikRATE!


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