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July Highlights: Transform Your Quoting Experience with AIA

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As we dive into July, we're excited to bring you the latest updates and events from AIA.

In this newsletter, you'll learn how AIA QuikRATE is revolutionizing workers' comp quoting, discover special incentives for agents, and get the scoop on our recent and upcoming events.

Plus, we spotlight one of our star underwriters, Michelle Callahan, sharing her experiences and a fun fact about her.

Fun Facts About July:

  • July is named after Julius Caesar, who was born in this month.
  • It's National Ice Cream Month in the U.S., so treat yourself to a scoop (or two)!
  • The first moon landing happened in July 1969.

Enjoy the read and have a fantastic July!

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Simplify and Reward Your Quoting Experience

AIA QuikRATE transforms the quoting process, delivering workers' comp quotes in under 5 minutes and rewarding agents with e-gift cards for every five submissions.

Key Benefits

  • Instant Quotes: Receive quotes in minutes.
  • User-Friendly Process: Easy application rating and submission.
  • Online Access: Directly enter risk information for immediate rates.

Special Incentives

  • E-Gift Cards: Earn rewards for multiple submissions.
  • Simple Access: Quick account setup with a short form.

How to Get Started

  1. Get Access: Complete the request form on the AIA QuikRATE portal.
  2. Log On: Start or resume a quote.
  3. Submit: Download and submit for a firm quote or referral.

For assistance or larger account submissions, contact AIA at 1-800-981-4242. Discover the ease of workers’ comp quoting with AIA QuikRATE today!

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July Hit List

Workers' Compensation/MGA Commercial

WC Business

  • Municipality - GA - $23,088
  • Tile and Masonry - AL - $4,202
  • Concrete Contractor - FL - $8,730
  • Container Hauler - NC - $18,694
  • Trucking - MS - $6,125
  • Lumber Yard - TN - $15,663
  • Logging - GA - $24,579

MGA - Commercial Business

  • Church - AL - $9,225
  • Roofing Contractor - AL - $1,484
  • Retail Paint Store - AL - $4,515

Upcoming Events

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  • July 25th – 27th - AIIA EPIC Young Agents Conference in Pensacola, FL.
  • September 17th - AIIA Pat Owen’s Big I PAC Golf Tournament in Calera, Al.

July Events

IMG_2882  IMG_0351 IMG_5310 IMG_0314

IMG_2760 IMG_2883 IMG_2759  

  • In June we had the opportunity to attend the IIAM and IIAG Annual Convention and Trade Shows in Sandestin! Our VP of Marketing and Business Development, Brian Tolomeo, and Lead Underwriters Michelle Callahan, Lisa Blackmon, and Martee Coleman were able to attend. They had a great time making new connections, informing agents of new programs and WC opportunities, as well as AIA’s expanded footprint. 

Underwriter Spotlight 

Michelle Callahan - Temp Staffing Underwriting Team Lead

Michelle Callahan

Michelle Callahan is originally from Montgomery, Alabama, and still currently resides in the capital city.

Michelle has been in the insurance industry for 34 years and has been with AIA since 2006.
When asked what her favorite part of her job is, she said,

“I find great joy in helping others and that is something I am able to do with my job. I love the agents I work with each day and helping them find a way we can meet their needs by placing coverage for their clients.”

When asked what her favorite part of AIA is, she said, “I love the people I work with each day.

Many of them have been working with me since the beginning of my career!

Everyone in our office truly feels like family to me.
When asked what a fun fact about herself she said,

“I am a lifelong fan of the Alabama Crimson Tide! However, I am proud to say that my daughter will be attending Auburn University in the fall. Despite the rivalry, I am proud of her decision to follow her own path and I have given her my blessing to support the Tigers. Roll Tide!”



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As we wrap up this month's newsletter, we hope you found the insights and updates valuable.

From simplifying your quoting process with AIA QuikRATE to learning more about our dedicated team members and upcoming events, July has been an exciting month for us.

Don't forget to take advantage of our special incentives and join us at our upcoming events.

Thank you for being a part of the AIA community.

Stay tuned for more updates next month, and as always, feel free to contact us for any assistance.

Have a fantastic July!

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